15 Aug 2020

PM Modi Speech Emphasis On The Upliftment Of The Nation

PM Modi in his speech to the nation has said that today at the Red Fort he is missing all the children who used to attend the Independence Day celebration of the country as covid has topped everyone.  

Today we are going through tough times. In these times of COVID, Corona warriors have lived the mantra of 'Seva Parmo Dharma' and served the people of India. And I express my gratitude to them

This is a day to remember the sacrifices of our freedom fighters. This is also a day to show gratitude to Security personnel including that of Army, paramilitary and police ensuring our safety.

I am confident that India will realise this dream. I am confident of the abilities, confidence and potential of my fellow Indians. Once we decide to do something, we do not rest until we achieve that goal.

Amid COVID19 pandemic 130 crore Indians took the resolve to be self-reliant and 'Aatmanirbhar Bharat' is on the mind of India. This dream is turning into a pledge. Aatmanirbhar Bharat has become a 'mantra' for the 130 cr Indians today.

To make India prosper we should all use products which are made in India and make our country proud once we start using our products then other countries of the world will also be reluctant to use our products.

We should also go ahead for the Steel development plans which is the need of the country.

In this covid-19 situation the things which were not previously Made in India by the people of the country and the young generation of the country. we have started making these products in countries such as N95 masks and PPE kits.

Last year FDI investment in the country has increased to 80% and has broken all the previous records of the FDI investment in the country.  

Now we have to develop products with respect of make in India and develop for the other countries of the world also. B we have to change your Moto from "Make in India" to "Make for world."

We have faced earthquakes, various disease and other difficulties. We have overcome everything but still our country has developed more than the other countries.

This year the government will put around 110 crore rupees for the infrastructure of the country.  This will bring the country with respect to various other nations of the world.  Multi model infrastructure will be e the main motto of our country.

PM Modi has said that now the government will be working for the upliftment of the middle class and rozgar Yojana as well as aawas Yojana will be encouraged more and more among the people.

Education will also be uplifted and this new education policy will bring the country e equal to other powerful countries of the world.

Women will also be given opportunity in jobs as well as business so that the daughters of the country will be uplifted and our country's daughter and now flying fighter planes.

Around 40 crore Jandhan accounts have been opened and in that 22 crore are of women.  New new policies will also be brought for or Jan aushadhi Kendra will work for the women and give them free treatment and sanitary pads.

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