19 Aug 2020

Reliance Industries Takes Majority Of Stake In Netmeds

Reports have been coming in from Reliance Industries where Reliance industries has informed media that it has taken majority of stake in Netmeds.

As per reports coming in Reliance industries has informed that it has acquired a majority of equity stake in Vitalik health Private limited and its subsidiaries which is known as Netmeds.

The stakes are of a value of Rs 620 Crores.  This investment of Reliance Industries bring it to the 60% value of the company.

Yesterday,  Isha Ambani Director of RRVL has informed media that Reliance Industries now owns netmeds and this investment of Reliance Industries fulfills its promise bring digital access to everyone in the country.

Aquirement of Netmeds has brought Reliance Industries its footprints on health care products.  These health care products will be of good quality and at an affordable price.

Netmeds was brought into existence in the year 2015.  And it is a leading brand in manufacturing of healthcare products.  Netmeds also run a subsidiary in online business in pharmacy.  It provides doorstep delivery of medicines enhancing its rich to every customer of the country who are not able to visit the store.

The founder and CEO of Netmeds, Pradeep Dadha said in a media conference that it is a very proud moment for the company to be a part of Reliance Industries.  

This will bring netmeds more closer to the people of the country as Reliance Industries is one of the most renowned name in manufacture of products.

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