11 Sept 2020

Can Trump Save US From Terrorist Attack?

Reports coming in from the world's most powerful country America.  It had witnessed most powerful  attack took place on September 11, 2001 which hardly anyone can forget.  More than 2000 people died in this terrorist attack.  

At the same time, the terrorist who carried out this terrorist attack was Osama bin Laden.  It took America 10 years to find Laden, after which Laden was killed in Pakistan in 2011.  Now Laden is no more, but his nephew Noor bin Ladin has given a statement that has created a panic before the elections in America.

 Noor bin Ladin says that only Trump can save America from a terrorist attack like 9/11.  

This statement of Noor bin Ladin came just before the presidential election in America.  This statement is  giving have huge impact on the voters. 

As per reports Noor has changed his surname to Ladin due to his uncle's infamous name.  Noor says that only Trump has the power to stop terrorist activities.  Not only this, Noor also added that terrorists and terrorist activities have spread very fast during the era of former President Barack Obama.

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