11 Sept 2020

Eternal Love Of Businessman For His Wife

A strange incidence of love which has not been seen for many years have been witnessed from Tamil Nadu. 

This incidence comes from Madurai where a businessman love and his pain of losing his wife carved into the statue of his wife.  

This story is of Sethuraman, a businessman from Madurai unveiled a statue of his wife made of fiber.  The wife was Pitchaimaniammal who passed away some 30 days back in sudden demise. 

According to Sethuraman "I lost my wife recently but when I look at this statue I can connect with her.Fibre,rubber & special colours were used to make it."

This is a fine example of a pure love of a man who couldn't take the pain of parting away from his wife. And in return by this statue brought her eternally alive and back to him.

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