13 Sept 2020

Covid-19 Is There A Matter Of Worry

Reports have been coming in from Union Health Ministry where the Ministry has issued 'post COVID-19 management protocol'.  

As per reports the post Covid-19 protocol initiates the person on the use of Chyawanprash, Yogasana, Pranayama and walks among suggestions. 

However India is on the rapid increase of COVID19 recoveries.

As sharp increase in the recovery rate has been witnessed with a steep exponential rise from 50,000 in May to over 36 lakhs in September. 

A high level of more than 70,000 recoveries reported every day. Recoveries are nearly 3.8 times than the Active Cases (under 1/4 total cases) as per Ministry of Health and family welfare.

According to the steps which are taken for the increase in the recovery rate is due to focussed, collaborative, responsive and effective measures of early identification. 

This has been done through high and aggressive testing, prompt surveillance & tracking coupled with standardised high-quality clinical care have in tandem led to these encouraging outcomes.

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