28 Sept 2020

Covid 19 Medicine Will Be Available In First Quarter Of 2021

Reports have been coming in from the Union Minister of Health H. Vardhan where he has said that the medicine for covid-19 will be available in the market in the first quarter of 2021 as the final trials of the medicine is in progress.

The minister has said that today's a historic day for ICMR. It's an honour for me to release 100-year timeline of history of ICMR within its premises today. 

According to the Ministry of Health the contribution of scientists associated with it is commemorated & serves as an inspiration to upcoming scientists.

The minister has also shared that an online portal about the COVID19 vaccine is also launched. 

Everyone will be able to go online to that portal & look-up all contemporary research-development & clinical trials related information about such vaccinations.  Research to develop a vaccine is being done expeditiously. 

There're at least 3 viable such vaccine candidates that are in the phase of clinical trials right now in the country. We're hopeful that within 1st quarter of 2021 it will be available.

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