24 Sept 2020

Death In Bhiwandi Building Collapse Has Risen To 41

An update has been coming in the death toll in in Bhiwandi Building collapse in Maharashtra.

As reported earlier M Bhiwandi off Thane Maharashtra 3 story building had collapsed and Patel compound area in which many people were feared trapped inside the building at the time of the collapse.

Now as per recent reports coming in the death toll in Bhiwandi building collapse incident has risen to 41. 

As reported earlier a three-storied building had collapsed in Patel Compound area in Bhiwandi of Thane, Maharashtra on September 21st due to heavy rains.  

However all the efforts of Administration to clear the debris and save people who are trapped inside the debris of the building has been going on in vain as the death fatalities in this building collapse has been rising continuously.

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