24 Sept 2020

US President Donald Trump Informs That US Is In Final Stage Of Vaccination Development

Reports have been coming in from United States of America where US President Donald Trump has informed media that Johnson and Johnson have announced that their vaccine has reached final stage of clinical trials. 

As per reports US President has said that this is the 4th in US who reached final stage of trials. We encourage Americans to enrol in vaccine trials, it'll be a terrific thing for our country: US President 

Biden opposed China & Europe travel ban & strategies that they have was just never-ending lockdowns, we are not locking down, we are actually growing at the rate that we have never experienced before.

 US President has said that our plan will crush the virus, Biden's plan will crush America.

We have created the fastest economic recovery in American history. Our approach is pro-science, (Joe) Biden's approach is anti-science. 

US President Donald Trump at White House has said that I don't know what their approach is, although a lot of it is copied from what we have done.

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