29 Sept 2020

Hathras Rape Victim Passes Away

Reports have been coming in from sabdarjan hospital where the victim of Hathras gang rape case has passed away today morning.

As per reports 19-year-old woman was gang-raped and assaulted in Hathras of Uttar Pradesh  on 14th September, 2020.

This case was one of the worst scenario after Nirbhaya as the Hathras victim dalit women was tortured beyond words could express.

To stop the victim from telling the gang rape to anyone her tongue was cut so that she could not speak.  to avoid her from taking help from anyone and go to any place to report for the criminals her backbone was broken by the assailants.  

She gained her consciousness after 9 days of the incidence and was admitted at Safdarjung hospital for better healthcare facilities. 

However she was not able to speak since her tongue was cut she told the tortures she faced in writing to her family members.

After being in so much pain she had passed away today morning and her rapist and murderers have been arrested by the police after being intervened by various leaders. 

More details are awaited as per Safdarjung hospital officials.

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