29 Sept 2020

Will Deepika Be Punished For Ten Years For Smoking Cigarettes

Deepika may be sentenced to ten years for smoking cigarettes

 Bollywood Desk: Ever since the name of actress Deepika Padukone has appeared in the drugs case, her difficulties have started increasing. Bollywood's A grade actress Deepika, whom every person in the industry dreams of working with, is now badly trapped in the drugs case. It is also being told that Deepika wept bitterly during NCB's interrogation, can now be punished for up to ten years.

 Actually, Deepika Padukone has told the NCB team that she has not taken any drugs but have smoked cigarettes. A drowned cigarette is a special type of cigarette. This cigarette is not found in the market but is made by a drinker himself. Till now, it is believed that Deepika did not consume excessive cigarettes. According to which, they can be punished for up to ten years for keeping such a drug in her possession.

 An official of the team of Narcotics has told that the submerged cigarette is made from the cigarette paper found in the market. This cigarette is used for intoxication. A person who drinks it can fill it with tobacco, cannabis or cocaine.

The Narcotics Act provides for severe punishment for people who commit such intoxication. It is written in a provision that, if any person is used in a small amount of ban drug, then the penalty for this is 6 months and ten thousand. If the amount of the drug is less than commercial and more than small, then there is a punishment of ten years and a fine of up to one lakh rupees. At the same time, if there is commercial quantity, ie if the drugs are brought for sale, then there is a punishment for 10 years to 20 years and a fine of up to 2 lakh rupees.

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