17 Sept 2020

People Take Holy Dip In Rivers In Various Parts Of India on Mahalaya Amavasya

According to reports coming in from Kolkata.  Here a number of people have been taking holy dip on the occasion of Mahalaya Amavasya.

As per reports people in large numbers take holy dip in Hoogly River on 'Mahalaya Amavas'.

It is very auspicious to take holi dip today in Indian culture.  This type of news has been coming in from all across the country where people have been taking holy dip in various rivers.

In Madhya Pradesh also people have been taking holy dip in river Narmada.  From Allahabad the news has been coming in where there has been huge rush in River Ganga from people all across the country.  

But is religion greater than a pandemic which is galloping lives of innocent people.  Right now there has been a major outspread of covid-19 infection in the country which is still uncontrolled and many people are being affected daily b y this disease.

Today with the holy dip in rivers in the various parts of the country the social distancing norms have been widely broken as seen in the pictures.

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