17 Sept 2020

An Example Of Beginning Of An Era In Bihar

Reports have been coming in from Bihar where the villagers have set an example for the country to do something for themselves which can benefit them as well as the society sideways.

As per reports there is a small village which is not even visible in the country's map but the people of of Buddhaul in Gaya have set an example in the country to be self reliant.

According to the reports the villagers of Budhaul in Gaya have started construction of a bridge in their village that was pending for almost 30 years. 

This Bridge was pending for thirty years in the files of local administration and government of Bihar.  This Bridge was the main connectivity between Buddhaul village and Gaya district.

As per reports the villagers of this village have been continuously asking and demanding to the construction of this Bridge but it has been going on in vain.

A local says, "We have been demanding the construction of this bridge but govt didn't fulfil it. So the villagers decided to construct it themselves." 

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