5 Sept 2020

President Donald Trump Addresses Media

Reports have been coming in from United States of America where President Donald Trump has briefed media.

In his address he has said that, China at this point is the nation you should be talking about much more so than Russia because the things that China is doing are far worse. 

President Donald Trump also said that what happened with the China virus, look at what they have done to 188 countries all over the world.

He has further reiterated Prime Minister Modi is a friend of mine and he is doing a very good job.

It has been very nasty situation and we stand ready to help with respect to China and India. If we can do anything we would love to get involved and help. We are talking to both countries about that.

We've great support from India & PM Modi. I think Indian people would be voting for Trump. I also went to India just prior to pandemic.  

Indian People are so incredible, you got a great leader and he's a great person.

When President Donald Trump was asked about if China has been bullying India he said that I hope not. But, they are certainly going at it much more strongly than a lot of people even understand.

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