15 Sept 2020

US Bans Five Products Of China Due To Forced Labour

A major decision has been taken by United States of America regarding China.

In a major decision the US has banned five products which were imported from China because of forced labour.

These five products which are banned includes cotton products, hair products, computer components and some textiles from China's Xinjiang's province.

By banning these products United States of America has said that this is a major combat to stop in human and illegal combat against forced labour and a modern type of slavery.

The Chinese government used to make these products with forced labour and then tries to import them two United States of America.  When China imports this product into United States of America then it is also a disadvantage for us businessman and workers.

President Trump will always do the efforts to put American workers and businessman on the first place to benefit them as to grow their economy and this will facilitate Americans to come to power again.

According to Trump administration it will not allow in human practices and forced labour in America as well as from outside America.  To ban these products coming to US it has shown the world that US is standing on its rules.

The US will never tolerate  illicit, inhuman and exploitive practices of forced labour in US supply chain.  

This message of US is a clear message to the international community that US stands to its laws and by-laws firmly.

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