5 Sept 2020

Video Shows Saddam Hussein Face Fresh Even After 12 Years Of Burial

A very weird report has been coming in from Iraq, where some video has emerged showing former Iraqi President has recently went viral.

As per reports a 2:20 minute video has reportedly uploaded in facebook. youtube and other social media platforms showing former President Saddam Hussein.  

In the video users are claiming that the dead body was exhumed after 12 years after his burial and it had not yet decayed.

On August 30, 2020 a facebook page posted the video writing "An Iraqi leader dug up Saddam Hussein tomb after 12 years to move the corpse only to find that his face looked completely fresh." 

This video has got thousands of views.  Saddam Hussein government was toppled by US led invasion in 2003 and he was hanged on December 30, 2006.  The reasons for his hanging was for crimes against humanity.

Later on one of the leading news channel Alt news verified the claim of this video only to find that the video is false and baseless.  A web search was done when this video was surfaced.  This video has shown a group of people burying him.  And the source is same video as earlier released. 

And also in reality 14 years has passed since Saddam Hussein was buried and claim was that the body is exhumed after 12 years.  And the claim is also not mathematically correct.

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