27 Sept 2020

Will Deepika Padukone Stars Shine Brightly With The Case

 Entertainment Desk: Since the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput in the Bollywood industry, many big names are getting entangled in this case. Ever since the case of drugs has come out in the Sushant case, since then many big names of Bollywood have been getting caught in the drugs case. Recently, Bollywood's big actress Deepika Padukone also got caught in this case. 

 In fact, the history of Bollywood is a witness that whenever an actor or actress gets caught in a big scheme, then her career graph gets elevated forever. Now the biggest example is of Sanjay Dutt. You all will remember that many years ago, actor Sanjay Dutt was caught in the drugs case. After which after long action, when he came back to Bollywood, he got recognized as the grandfather of Bollywood. After which Sanjay Dutt has never looked back and till date he only gets a gangster-like role. Now with the name of Deepika Padukone coming in this case it may also get elevated further in Bollywood.

 On the other hand, if we talk about Salman Khan, then Salman too got fame after being caught in the hit and run case. After hitting poor sleeping people on the pavement, there was a long enquiry against Salman Khan as he had escaped instead of helping on the spot. In which he had to go to jail. Going to jail became a turning point for Salman and after this Salman's name became such that in Bollywood, now Salman's introduced actors also get a lot of fame in the industry.

 Now maybe after Salman and Sanjay, the fate of Deepika, Rhea Chakraborty also opens up and her career gets a new flight.  

Deepika is a big actress but since her marriage she is getting less films now, in such a situation, Deepika can get the same stardom again by coming to limelight. On the other hand, Rhea Chakraborty who is currently in jail, if she proves innocent then her career graph in Bollywood is bound to increase. The same can happen with Shraddha and Sara Ali Khan.

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