26 Oct 2020

Decline In the Cases Of Covid-19 In The Country

Reports have been coming in from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare which has stated a slow decline in the covid-19 cases.

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has reported that in the past 24 hours there have been an increase of 45,149 new COVID19 infections.

Now India's total cases surge to 79,09,960. With 480 new deaths, toll deaths till now mounts to 1,19,014 .  

There have been a decrease of the active cases in the country. Total active cases today in the country stands at 6,53,717 after a decrease of 14,437 in last 24 hrs.

Total cured cases are 71,37,229 with 59,105 new discharges in last 24 hrs 

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