26 Oct 2020

Vidyarambham Ceremony Observed On Vijaya Dashami

Reports have been coming in from Kerala parents of little ones gather around various temples for the ceremony of Vidyarambham ceremony that is observed on Vijaya Dashami.

Parents, with their children, gather at Attukal Bhagavathy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram to be a part of Vidyarambham ceremony.

‘Vidyarambham' is a tradition in South India where small children are introduced to reading and writing. 

According to sources coming in from Thiruvananthapuram temple which states that around 1500-2000 children used to attend 'Vidyarambham every year but this year due to covid-19 these numbers have been restricted to less than 300. 

According to local priest strict following of COVID protocols is being maintained. Thermal checking being done at entry point, details of people who are entering is being collected.

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