7 Oct 2020

Guilty Of Raping A Teenager Will Face Rigourous Punishment

There have been increasing number in rape cases in the country.  With these increasing cases some where the government as well as the society e is incapable to stop the increasing cases in rape.

In India cases of atrocities against women are constantly increasing. Governments come and go, but no government has been able to enact any strong law on serious issues like rape. 

 How would it be if these rapists were impotent forever as punishment? 

Today we are going to tell you about a country where those who rape innocent teenagers are made impotent.

 You must be very surprised to hear this, but the government of the country has been forcibly making the criminals who rape minors impotent in Kazakhstan. 

 While the people of Kazakhstan are happy with this decision of the government, on the other hand, the convict who has been punished is opposing this harsh decision of the government.

 In fact, recently in Kazakhstan, a convict who raped a girl under the age of 16 has not only been sentenced to 15 years in jail but has been injected and made impotent. 

The guilty who has faced this punishment has opposed this severe punishment given by the government and has said that, due to this punishment, there is a lot of difficulty in walking, as well as he facing severe pain.

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