7 Oct 2020

Is Bollywood Giving Cure To Covid In The Name Of Drugs

Bollywood Desk: The matter of drugs surfaced in the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput has become a big problem for the Bollywood industry. 

The names of many big personalities of Bollywood were involved in this drugs case by which great loss is being suffered because of bad name.  
At the same time, we want to tell you that, in reality, this Bollywood drug is the cure for corona epidemic.

 Actually, this is not we are saying but in a study done at South Carolina University in the US, it has been claimed that it is possible to treat corona with a special substance (THC) present in marijuana. 

This substance was tested on mice, in which it was found that the mice given THC survived this deadly disease. At the same time, soon after mice, the university is also planning to trial this special substance on humans.

This study also warns that it does not encourage people to consume marijuana. Therefore, you should also stay away from substances like drugs, because this substance is mixed in the medicine used in the study.

The results of which have been good, if you consume marijuana directly, then it can be even more dangerous for your health.

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