5 Oct 2020

Is Dark Color Bollywood Favourite?

Entertainment Desk: The world of Bollywood industry is filled with glitters which is in the news these days due to many dark secrets coming out from inside. 

Nepotism is one such secret which has came to light in Sushant Singh case and now Bollywood drugs gang. These days, the same news of Bollywood is prevalent everywhere. 

But in this world of glamor, in addition to drugs these days, the trend which is in the coming is dark colour i.e. Brown Skin Complexion.

There are many types of campaigns going on around the world about color differences. In order to provide equality to the dark-colored people, many types of campaigns are also being run. 

 Meanwhile, dark color is now getting promoted in Bollywood too. Many celebrities who used to promote products to make blonde earlier, are also going away from it.

 Recently, Shahrukh Khan's daughter Suhana Khan also shared a photo of herself from her social media account. 

In this picture Suhana wrote with the caption that, when I was 12 years old, some fully mature women and men called me ugly about my complexion. 

Suhana further wrote and told that, we are all Indians and in reality we are all brown. Yes, everyone's skin tone is different, but it cannot lie the fact that all of us Indians are brown.

After this post of Suhana Khan, many Bollywood celebrities came forward in her support. Not only this, everyone has told Suhana that she looks very beautiful in this color tone. 

After seeing the reaction of Bollywood on this post of King Khan's daughter Suhana, it seems as if the industry has now moved forward by ending the concept of color difference. This is the reason that perhaps many Bollywood veterans now do not like to do commercials based on color differences.

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