21 Oct 2020

Is Kamala Harris Symbol of Devi Durga?

Entertainment Desk: Preparations for the presidential election in America are going on rapidly. Meanwhile, Kamala Harris is seen as mother Durga of the vice-presidential candidate from the Democratic Party. 

This is said by a picture of Kamala Harris which is going viral on social media, in which Kamala Harris is portrayed as mother Durga. In such a situation, the question arises that, "Is Kamala Harris considered as an incarnation of Mother Durga?"

Indeed, Kamla Harris of Indian origin is contesting for Vice-Presidential post in the US. Meanwhile, her niece Meena Harris, a lawyer by profession, tweeted a picture in which Kamala was portrayed as Goddess Durga. 

Kamala Harris has been embroiled in controversy the this picture has surfaced. However, Kamla Harris's niece Meena Harris has now deleted that picture.

After this picture became viral not only Hindus of America but all the Hindus around the world are condemning this step of Kamla Harris's niece. 

The Hindu organization believes that Meena Harris should apologize for this mistake. 

Otherwise, Kamala Harris position for Vice Presidentship election may also be opposed in the election.

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