21 Oct 2020

Is Deepika Padukone Taking Money From Shivraj In MNREGA

One must have seen Bollywood actors and actresses working on the screen. But do you know what they you do behind the scenes. This came to light from Kharagon district of Madhya Pradesh. 

It is clear that these bollywood stars not only work on the screen but also behind the curtains. Yes this shocking case has come up from Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh. 

Here, film actresses Deepika Padukone and Diya Mirza name has been shown on the job card of the MNREGA laborers, although the name and address on the job card is of someone else is correct. But instead of the labourers photo there are photos of these actresses. After this lapse has come, orders by the government for investigation have been given.

In the Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh, pictures of these film actresses (Deepika Padukone and Diya Mirza) have been pasted on the job card of MNREGA workers.

However the addresses and name of the job card is correct. But instead of the labourers photos there are photos of these actresses. 

Actually, the scam has been revealed in the name of MNREGA. Here in a district panchayat, photographs of a dozen artists, including Deepika Padokone, Jacqueline, were put on the job cards for MNREGA and then they were shown working in documents. Not only this, payment of lakhs of rupees was also taken.

This case came to light when a laborer investigated the MNREGA online on the MNREGA website and found that his job card was fake. Photographs of actresses were put on fake job cards under his name. 

Along with this money was also withdrawn. People of the same area say that no work was found in MNREGA. Sarpanch, Secretary and Employment Assistant are all involved in this scam. 

At present, after the matter came to the fore, the District Panchayat CEO has ordered an inquiry into the matter. The unfolding of such incidents in the election time can increase the difficulty of Shivraj government.

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