9 Oct 2020

Maa Lakshmi The Secret Of Hollywood Beauty

Entertainment Desk: Indian beauty and culture is always discussed even outside India.  Tourists come from far and wide to know Indian traditions.  

But do you know that the secret of the beauty of Salma Hayek, the actress who dazzles the heroes in Hollywood films, is also associated with India.

Hollywood actress Salma Hayek has a special association with Goddess Mata Lakshmi, who is worshiped in Hinduism.  

Hollywood's beautiful actress Salma Hayek has posted a picture of Maa Lakshmi from her Instagram account and also wrote, 'Maa Lakshmi ji inspires inner beauty.  When I want to connect with my inner beauty, I meditate on Maa Lakshmi and do yoga.  Maa Lakshmi is considered a symbol of wealth, good luck, love, beauty, maya, bliss and prosperity in Hinduism.  Her image gives pleasure.  Enjoyment is the main reason for your inner beauty.

Salma Hayek is counted among the most beautiful actresses of Hollywood.  

Salma is famous in many countries for her beauty.  Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu has also commented on this post of Salma. 

Salma's Indian fans are very much liking this post of hers.

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