13 Oct 2020

Most Expensive Second Hand Bikini In The World

Would you like to buy a second-hand bikini that is worth more than 30 million? Of course, there will be something special in this second hand bikini as it is worth Crores of rupees, due to which this bikini is going to be auctioned. 

Actually, that bikini is now going to be auctioned which was worn by Hollywood actress Ursula Andros in the James Bond film Recently, Auctioner's Profiles in History has told that these iconic bikinis are going to be auctioned.

This bikini of Ursula Andres will be auctioned on November 12 and 13 in Los Angeles. Now listening to the auction price of this second hand bikini, your would be amazed. This second hand bikini is going to be sold for about Rs. 500 million or about Rs. 65 million. It is said that this bikini is the most famous bikini in the world.

Ursula Andros, who wore this bikini in, in London in 2001. At that time, this bikini was sapphire at a price of $ 45,200. This time the auction price of the bikini can reach even higher. Now it will be seen how much more the auction price of this second hand bikini, which is worth more than three crores, will increase.

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