15 Oct 2020

Scindia On Number Ten In BJP Campaigning List Gets Trolled By Congress

For the by-elections in Madhya Pradesh, the BJP has been attacking the BJP ever since the list of its star campaigners has been released. 

Scindia has been ranked 10th in the list released by the BJP. Since then, Congress has been continuously trying to degrade Scindia. Congress is also attacking Scindia by linking it with a tiger statement.

In fact, for campaigning in 28 seats, BJP had released a list of 30 star campaigners, in which state BJP President VD Sharma was placed at number one, Shivraj Singh at number two. 
But the BJP, which relied on Scindia to grab 16 seats of Chambal, has placed Maharaj Scindia 10th in the list of star campaigners. The Congress is taking a troll on Scindia over his place on list.

Recently, Jyotiraditya Scindia's father Madhavrao Scindia's friend and former Minister Balendu Shukla has tweeted a taunt on Jyotiraditya and BJP. 

Balendu Shukla has said that we are angry with the BJP. BJP has turned our chief who was a tiger into a fox. Our nephew should have been a star campaigner if not number one, at least second and third. He further wrote that we are happy with BJP, that they did not put our tiger at number thirty.

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