16 Oct 2020

Strategies Chirag Paswan Can Use In Bihar Election

Ramvilas, a meteorologist of politics, had already explained his son Chirag all the plus and minus of politics. According to Chirag his father's prophecy, his party is in his blood. Chirag told in an interview with National Television.

Chirag believes, his father has already given him the secret of victory and it is that the party will move ahead only if it is contested alone. 

If you do not decide to contest elections alone today, then the existing leader who will be a leader will again become a leader, then after ten years you will realize that this is the state of Bihar through your mistake.
Chirag told that his father had told him that he decided to contest the elections alone in 2005 and that you are a young man, you should make this decision quickly.

There are two young faces on the board of Bihar. After Lalu's bail, Tejashwi Yadav got the support of his father, but Chirag Paswan is alone today. Election is approaching and LJP leader Chirag's political mentor is no longer with him. That on the inspiration of the father, his party is contesting alone. But if you understand the vision of Paswan's diplomacy, it seems that there is going to be some major reshuffle in Bihar in these elections, and sensing the same, he probably advised Chirag to fight alone.

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