16 Oct 2020

Will Bihar Elections Be A Youth Election

Over time, the mood of Bihar has also changed. The public is beginning to give the youth their favour. For this reason, political parties have also started making youth their choice. 

On behalf of RJD, where Tejashwi and Tej Pratap have kept the front. At the same time, the Congress has also decided to field the youth. The Congress is going to field the next generation of two big leaders. 

Congress has given ticket to Shatrughan Sinha's son Luv Sinha and Sharad Yadav's daughter Subhashini. Luv Sinha is contesting from Bankipur seat in Patna, the same Subhashini Yadav is trying his luck on the Congress ticket from the Bihariganj assembly seat of Madhepura, the constituency of his father Sharad Yadav.

These two leaders can get the benefit of their father coming to the electoral field. Because Shatruhan Sinha has gone to the Lok Sabha from Patna Sahib and Sharad Yadav from Madhepura seat. 

The way Lalu's identity was benefited by his two sons Tejashwi and Tej Pratap in the 2015 assembly elections, both leaders not only won the elections but also became Ministers. Now the Congress is also trying its luck with the help of youth power. 

But BJP and JDU have no new face. In such a situation, the party and the NDA may have to face problems and this ruling party of the Congress may be overshadowed by the NDA. Well, these election results will only tell whom the youth leads to power.

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