10 Oct 2020

US Peace Forces Will Stay In Afganistan In An Interview To ANI By Abdullah

Reports have been coming in from US Afghan Peace processes. Right now US army is being posted in Afganistan as a peace process in the region.

As per reports in an interview to ANI by Abdullah Abdullah he has said that premature withdrawal by the U.S from peace deal will leave a vacuum, which will have an impact on the security situation in Afghanistan. 

But it won't mean one side prevailing over another: Abdullah Abdullah on being asked about consequences if the U.S leaves Afghan peace process.

More connected the region is, the more we will benefit. It's not for us to decide for any country, that's the accepted fact. 

Through more connectivity in region, all the countries will benefit: Abdullah Abdullah on being asked about SAARC's revival & India-Pak resolving issues.

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