13 Oct 2020

Uttar Pradesh by-election: Is Yogi Government Relying On Sympathy Card

 The BJP has opened its cards for the upcoming assembly by-elections. The party has announced candidates for the by-elections in seats across the country, but the BJP has not announced candidates for the by-elections in eight seats in Uttar Pradesh. 

In the largest state of the country, the party candidates have not been fielded, the question arises whether it is a BJP strategy or is there a rebellion in the party.

 It has been a long time when the Election Commission had announced the dates for the assembly elections to be held in the seats of Uttar Pradesh. 

Other parties including Congress, BSP and SP have fielded their veterans, but the BJP has not yet been able to decide who should be given a ticket to save their credibility and who is not.  

BJP sources say that in the by-elections of the state, the party can play sympathy card which has become vacant due to the departure of its MLAs is possible. 

Only the family members of departed candidate can be fielded there. Two cabinet ministers Chetan Chauhan and Kamla Rani, who were sent to the vacant seats after they passed away is also included in this list. 

Therefore, in both the above seats the BJP is again playing sympathy cards by giving tickets to their family membera. Now BJP stalwarts are insisting on promoting nepotism for sympathy cards. But this can increase discord in the BJP, because in many seats, apart from families, veteran leaders of the region are showing their stamina. 

It is believed that a revolt can begin in the BJP over tickets on these seats. Now it has to be seen to whom the party gives tickets, to the relatives or to the workers who have been following the steps step by step for many years.

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