8 Oct 2020

Will India Be Forced To Seek Chinese Help?

For the past few months, the atmosphere of tension between China and India, which has given a severe epidemic like Corona to the world, has remained at the border. 

There is also tension between the two countries over the border dispute. But even after so much controversy, now India will be forced to seek help from China. 

Because China, which gave corona to the world, has now manufactured vaccine for this severe disease.

 A Chinese institute has discovered the corona vaccine. This vaccine has been created by the Institute of Medical Biology, which comes inside the Chinese Academy of Medical Science. 

 It is being told in media reports that the vaccine has proved to be much safer and more effective at the stages of clinical trials. The trial of this vaccine was done on 191 volunteers, none of which had any side effects.

 So far, this vaccine is being described as suitable for the corona epidemic. In such a situation, the question arises that, if China has succeeded in making the vaccine, will India forget all the grievances with China and buy the vaccine for the Indian public. 

 At the moment there is no official announcement that this vaccine will be the cure for corona.

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