28 Oct 2020

Will Nitish Be Minister In Modi Cabinet And Not CM

There is going to be a tough contest in the Bihar Assembly elections. Where Upendra Kushwaha has fallen apart from the Grand Alliance and is in the electoral fray with Owaisi and Mayawati. 

And the same JDU in the NDA is preparing to reach power by riding on the shoulders of the BJP. But have been facing difficulties from BJP. Since then, there are speculations that after the election, the CM will be of BJP and not JDU.

Election campaign is at its peak in Bihar. The political party is pushing its heels to gain power. NDA is completely dependent on the BJP but there are other indications from the BJP. 

It is being claimed that if NDA wins the election, then this time Nitish Kumar will not get the post of Chief Minister. He will be made a cabinet minister in the Modi government. 

This is claimed by Upendra Kushwaha, who has been very close of Nitish Kumar and BJP. 

Although Kushwaha is fighting this time by forming a separate coalition. According to Upendra Kushwaha, even after the victory of NDA, Nitish Kumar will not become the Chief Minister of Bihar. Upendra Kushwaha says that there has already been a deal between BJP and Nitish Kumar that fighting elections under his leadership is only a strategy. Because in the name of Nitish, votes of Dalits, Backwards and Minorities will be easily found.

The same BJP has also been seen doing the line to Nitish Kumar, because during the election campaign BJP is doing less of the work of Nitish and the government and more work of PM. 

An example of this is that Nitish Kumar is missing from BJP banners, posters and advertisements. Now, if the BJP is seen getting more votes then BJP will set Nitish in cabinet. It is clear that this time BJP will have the crown of chief minister's post.

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