23 Nov 2020

Senior Journalist Deepak Chaurasia Top's Twitter Engagements

Latest reports are coming in from Twitteet, a social media analytics firm which has released it October analytics report today. 

The agency has done Twitter engagement by 20 categories have been done on a daily, monthly basis in a transparent manner.

The categories whose Twitter engagement have been analysed include Politicians (party-wise), Journalists, Business Leaders Founders & Investors), Sportspersons (cricket and other sports), Movies stars (Bollywood and regional), Authors, Chefs, and Comedians.

The winners from key categories in Twitter Engagements are:- 

Politicians – Narendra Modi - 72,15,913

Bollywood – Sonu Sood - 24,36,601

Business Head – Anand Mahindra - 4,08,882 

Cricketer – Virat Kohli - 24,65,918 

Sports Star (non-cricket) – Vijender Singh - 4,27,006 

TV Star – Sidharth Shukla - 3,90,901 

Journalist – Deepak Chaurasia - 18,88,720 

Founders – Kunal Shah - 60,093 

Comedians– Kunal Kamra-11,46,111 

Among the famous politicians in the month of October remained topping on the list was Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Tejaswi Yadav also met his entry on the list of famous politicians with CM Nitish Kumar.  Congress senior leader Rahul Gandhi stood at second with 3.5 million engagements. CM Yogi Adityanath and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra stood at 3rd and 4th.

The most intensively and competitive field of journalism was headed by Senior Journalist Deepak Chaurasia.  Deepak Chaurasia topped the list of most active and is standing at 1.88 million engagements in October.  This category of most active journalist has been one by News Nation, Deepak Chaurasia.  

Senior Journalist Deepak Chaurasia who has topped the list did this because of his flawless Journalism and his approach towards the subjects and stories which he covers.  A journalist who has always stood by the country and the people living in it.  Since Senior Journalist Deepak Chaurasia has always spoken the truth and has told besides the truth has been always been applauded by the masses.

Rohit Sardana of Aaj Tak and Sushant Sinha stood at second and third in this category.  Rajdeep sardesai stored at its position with 6.6 Lakh engagements.

Sonu Sood became the first Bollywood actor doing humanitarian works stood at first and his position for the humanitarian work he has taken over.

Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan Akshay Kumar Ritesh Deshmukh one of the famous actors to bring out their names in the list which has been released for the month of October.

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