5 Nov 2020

Diwali Gift For Ex-Congress MLA's

Voting has been completed for the by-elections in Madhya Pradesh. The fate of the candidates has been decided in the EVM. Which will now be shared on 10 November. But before 22 rebels of Congress who had left Congress and joined BJP, the Supreme Court has given them Diwali bonus. The Supreme Court has given relief to all 22 MLAs who resigned in March and joined BJP.

In fact, the Supreme Court has closed hearing the petition to the speaker to disqualify the 22 Congress MLAs. The court has said that the case of disqualification of MLAs has now been neutralized, because the results of the by-elections are going to be held on November 10. Because of which the petition is disposed of. 

The petitioner's counsel Kapil Sibal has expressed displeasure over this decision of the court, saying that the case of disqualification of MLAs is nullified. The hearing cannot be closed because the matter is pending in the court for a long time. This happened in such cases in other states including Goa, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka. Because they were pending in the court for a long time.

Before this decision of the court, the court had instructed the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly that when the BJP joined, we will settle the disqualification case of 22 Congress MLAs. After which the assembly secretary said that the pro tem speaker has already dismissed the petitions.

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