27 Nov 2020

Election Will Be Held Again On One Seat On Nitish-Tejashwi's Credibility Claim

Once again, the electoral atmosphere in Bihar has started to form One seat of Rajya Sabha is to be re-elected in Bihar. This is the same seat which was vacant after the demise of BJP leader Ram Vilas Paswan. In a statement regarding the by-election, Patna Commissioner Sanjay Aggarwal has said that December 3 will be the last date for nomination, along with this there will be counting on December 14 and the results will also come on December 14 itself. He further said that during the by-election all the guidelines of Covid-19 will be followed.

 The names of many contenders have come up for the by-election in one seat of Rajya Sabha. First name Chirag Paswan's mother Reena Paswan's name has been revealed. Many names are also coming out from the same NDA. The same information has been received that Tejashwi Yadav can also field his candidate for Rajya Sabha. However, it has not been decided yet whom will Tejashwi Yadav contest. The same candidate from BJP can also be fielded.

 After the death of veteran BJP leader Ram Vilas Paswan in Bihar, one seat of Rajya Sabha is vacant and by-elections are to be held and BJP will not back away from this opportunity. Because there can be a golden opportunity to further strengthen the relationship between BJP and JDU. When Chirag Paswan consistently targeted JDU and Nitish during the Bihar assembly elections, there was no response from the BJP. Now it is possible that the BJP will field its own candidate on the Rajya Sabha seat. However, Chirag's mother Reena Paswan's name is coming up for the by-election. But now that the BJP does not agree on this, they cannot be fielded.

 Now in the 243-member assembly, the support of 122 MLAs will be needed for the Rajya Sabha. NDA has 125 MLAs, while BJP has 1 MLA. In such a situation, it is difficult that JDU will support BJP candidate. It is difficult to get a lamp from any of your candidates. Because during the recently held assembly elections, the way BJP has besieged JDU. It is clear that Chirag will not get the support of Nitish Kumar.

 On the other hand, the BJP also has the opportunity to reduce the distance from the BJP on the other hand. Since the BJP is with the NDA at the center, but a new government has been formed recently, the BJP will not take any step to distance itself from the JDU. Well, there will be a by-election on December 14 for the Rajya Sabha seat. The notification will be released on 26 November and the last date for nomination will be 3 December. It has to be seen which candidate of the party reaches the Rajya Sabha from Bihar.

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