27 Nov 2020

Tejashwi Set To Get CM Chair Nitish's

 A new government has been formed in Bihar and the program of oath taking of MLAs has also been done. But the question has started arising from when the government will run. Because this matter has now reached the court. 

Inn such a situation, all eyes are now on the High Court. If the High Court announces the decision in favor of the Grand Alliance, then Tejashwi Yadav can take power in Bihar instead of Nitish.

 A new government has been formed in Bihar under the leadership of Nitish Kumar, but the Grand Alliance is still not ready to give up. Tejashwi Yadav is still claiming that the people have given the decision in his favor. 

But we are accepting the decision of the Election Commission. But the way to challenge it in the court is open with us and now preparations have also started to challenge the result of elections from the Grand Alliance. 

In the assembly elections, RJD candidate Shakti Singh Yadav, who contested from Hilsa seat, lost the JDU candidate by 12 votes. Shakti Singh claimed that he had won the election, but the administration defeated him under pressure from the government.

Shakti Singh has filed a petition in the Patna High Court against the election result. In his affidavit, Shakti Singh said that on the completion of counting, he had won by 549 votes, but the returning officer said that I had lost the election by 12 votes. RJD was ahead by 32 rounds in 33 rounds count. 

The victory was decided, then suddenly the returning officer reshuffled the tabling, I was ahead by 17 votes in the postal ballot, but showed back at the end of the counting. The 16 votes received by the RJD of the counting of votes were canceled and I was declared a loser.

According to the Election Commission, the postal ballot is counted first, but in my case the postal ballot was finally counted, Shakti Singh is claiming that if the counting was fair, he would have won the election. 

Now Congress MP and Senior Advocate Abhishek Manu Singhvi can handle the responsibility of pleading in favor of Shakti Singh and signs have also been given on his behalf. Yes, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, who has appeared in the court on behalf of the Congress governments so far, can appear in the court on behalf of the candidates who lost due to the low vote of the Grand Alliance. 

After Shakti Singh, many other losers of the grand alliance can also approach the High Court for counting. Of which, CPI candidate Jitendra Paswan lost from Bhore assembly seat by 462 votes, Bachwada seat of Begusarai lost by 484 votes Avdhesh Kumar Rai of CPI, 581 votes from Kai assembly seat, Savitri Devi of RJD lost by 113 votes from Barbigha assembly seat. The losing Congress candidate Gajanan Shahi can also file a petition in the High Court.

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