19 Nov 2020

Emrati And Dandotia To Be Felicitated By These Ministries By Shivraj

In the recent by-elections in Madhya Pradesh, many ministers of the Shivraj government had to face defeat. 

Because of this, the Shivraj government has decided not to disappoint the losers. Sources say that the losers will be given a place in the cabinet. Among the ministers who lost in the by-election are Imrati Devi, Girraj Dandotia and Andal Singh Kansana. 

The information has also been received that the Shivraj government can give these Ministers a place in the Ministry and can also give the status of a cabinet minister.
Sources say that the Shivraj government has made up its mind to give Housing Board to Girraj Dandotia, Women Finance and Development Corporation to Imrati Devi. 

 Narayan Patel and Sumishra Devi Kasdekar, who have won in the by elections can also be included in the corporation boards. The final decision will be taken after discussing with party level leaders Shivraj Singh Chauhan to include the candidates who have even lost in the elections a place in the government.

After losing the by-election, Imrati Devi and Girraj Dandotia have not resigned yet. The same Andal Singh Kansana submitted his resignation to the Governor after losing the election. 

According to the news, it is being told that Emrati and Dandotiya will resign themselves only after the rehabilitation case is decided. 

After the Shivraj government returned to power again, BSP MLA from Patharia, Rambai, said in a statement that I will fight the next election from BJP. He also said that he was confident that he will get the status of Cabinet Minister or any Ministerial post.

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