30 Nov 2020

Is Covid 19 Vaccine Safe Side Effect Seen In Young Man

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has yesterday visited three laboratories making the infection vaccine on 28 November. One of which was in Ahmedabad, the second was in Hyderabad and the third was in Pune, Maharashtra. 

Thee most discussed was the serum laboratory of Pune. The serum company has informed that our trial is now in the final stage and we are going to apply for emergency use soon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself had said in a tweet that he had a good discussion with Serum Institute. They informed him about the work done so far to make the vaccine. PM also told about future plans. 

PM also reviewed the facility of making vaccines. But now the news is coming that there is a lot of chaos in the serum institute vaccine and the choas is so big that the company has lost its senses. 

The trial of Covid vaccine was going on in Chennai. CovidSeild is the name of the Corona vaccine made by the Serum Institute. 

The serum company was trying the vaccine with the permission of the government on all Volunteers.

Volunteers on whom it was being tried. One of them has given chaos state to the government as the vaccine company claimed that after taking the serum vaccine, his brain condition became weak. 

According to a report, a 40-year-old volunteer who was vaccinated during a trial in Chennai has alleged that he has started having neurological problems i.e brain problems after taking the vaccine dose. His memory started weakening and many other problems started. In return, the Volunteer has demanded a compensation of Rs 5 crore from the serum institute.

The Serum Institute Pune is the same place where Modi went to take stock of vaccine production. Volunteer has sent legal notices to Serum Institute along with Indian Institute of Medical Research Council UK Astra Janeca Drug Controller India Oxford Vaccine Trial Chief Investigator Andr Pollard and other institutions. 

The charges have been leveled on 21 November and Modi visited the Institute on 28 November. Surprisingly, even after such serious allegations PM Modi visited the company. Whereas the company should have informed the government immediately about the effect of the vaccine, including the serum company, under the trial rules.  

Volunteer's lawyer NGR Prasad says that even after issuing notice on November 21, no response has been received yet. Volunteer in his legal notice has also demanded that the vaccine trial be stopped immediately. But no action has been taken so far by the Modi government. To ignore Volunteer's allegations would be to mess with the lives of crores of people.

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