20 Nov 2020

Is Nitish Chemistry With BJP In Trouble

Since Sushil Modi was not made Deputy Chief Minister in Bihar, many questions have started to arise. Now it is being asked that what will be the role in Sushil Modi's government, will he remain just a BJP worker. BJP has not been able to answer all these questions so far. But Nitish Kumar has definitely given the post to Modi in the government. This friendship of Nitish can distance BJP from Modi.

 After the assembly elections in Bihar, the government is the same, the face of the Chief Minister is the same. But the Deputy Chief Minister's face has changed. Sushil Modi, who followed Nitish, is no longer his partner. Tarkishore and Ronu Devi have been made Deputy Chief Ministers in place of Modi. He has been running unhappy since he sidelined himself. But the BJP is not honoring them. But Nitish has played friendship with Modi and has made arrangements to keep him with him by handing over new responsibility to Sushil Modi.

Chief Minister Nitish has always been backed up by Senior BJP leader and former Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi as well as former Water Resources Minister Sanjay Jha in Vidhan Bhavan. 

Both the senior members of the Legislative Council have now been made Chairman of different committees. Former Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi has been made the Chairman of the Committee on Ethics, the same has been entrusted to the Petition Committee to former Minister Sanjay Jha.

Executive Chairman of the Legislative Council Awadhesh Narayan Singh has issued orders in this regard. Both the committees are permanent and important committees of the Legislative Council.

However, in the event of not being made a Minister, the government bungalow of Sanjay Jha and Sushil Modi should not be taken away as assured by Nitish. 

That is why CM Nitish has entrusted this responsibility to them. This is the reason that when asked questions about the Deputy CM, then Nitish clearly taken the name of BJP. 

Recently, he had said that it was BJP's decision not to make Sushil Modi as Deputy CM and this question should be asked to BJP. With this, he did a tweet saying that no one can take away the post of his worker. Now, seeing Sushil Modi's attitude, it can be clearly understood that there is resentment against BJP in his mind. 

The same Nitish Kumar has also screwed BJP with giving Modi a place in the government. Because the BJP has kept Sushil Modi on the side line since the Bihar elections.

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