6 Nov 2020

Omar Abdullah Question Government Of It's Promises After Removal Of Article 370 & 35A

Reports have been coming in from Jammu and Kashmir where Omar Abdullah, NC came face to face with the media.

He thrashed the present government of the changes which were promised by the government after the removal of Article 370 & 35A.

Omar Abdullah said that the government has assured the citizens of Kashmir that by removing Art. 370 & 35A, people who were distraught with the Indian administration would completely be assimilated into the rest of the country. 

But I'd like to say with conviction that by this these people are even more alienated than before.

Omar Abdullah, NC has questioned the present government as to where are development works? 1 year 3 months is long enough to get started on such projects. 

We'd always say don't be under a misconception that removing Art. 370 & 35A will solve all problems. It is the biggest misstep for J&K. We're not safe on our own lands.

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