27 Nov 2020

Polling Booths To Be Set Up For Vaccination

 No vaccine has yet been approved by the Central Government to deal with the Corona epidemic. But preparations are being made to give vaccine to 300 million people. 

You have planned to vaccinate every countrymen to protect them from corona, but first 300 million people will be vaccinated. On the basis of priority, the first preparation is to give vaccines to health workers, frontline workers and senior citizens.

As suggested by NITI Aayog for vaccination, the way polling booths are made in elections, the vaccine will be provided to the people by making vaccine booths. On Tuesday, PM Modi had also indicated this during the talk with the Chief Ministers of the states and asked the states to make a roadmap regarding the vaccine. 

NITI Aayog member BK Pal gave a presentation to the Chief Ministers that teams would be formed like a polling booth for the Corona vaccine and a strategy would be prepared at the block level. 

Government and private doctors will be given special responsibility in this campaign, apart from this efforts will also be made for public participation and they will be given proper training.

 In a presentation, Health Ministry Secretary Rajesh Bhushan has asked four states Delhi, Maharashtra, Kerala and Rajasthan to make special preparations for this. Because in the last week, high positivity rate is becoming the biggest concern in these states. 

It has been told in the presentation that in the last one week, 111 people have lost their lives in Delhi, whereas Rajasthan which was doing well so far, was reporting 21 percent positive cases from last week. 

The average positivity rate was 15.3 percent in Kerala and 13.5 percent in Delhi. While the situation in Maharashtra has already improved, but it still remains worrying. Now preparations are in full swing to give the vaccine. But how and how long the world will get out of this trouble, its path has not yet been seen.

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