7 Nov 2020

Priceless Wood Is African Blackwood

We often see that the prices of some tree plants are very high due to their properties. But have you ever heard that the prices of any wood is very high? Generally sandalwood is considered the most expensive. Sandalwood timber is sold for five to six thousand rupees per kg. 

Today the features of a wood that is many times more expensive than sandalwood.  Before buying this unique wood, even the biggest rich will definitely think two to four times.  

This wood is African blackwood. It is said that it is one of the most valuable materials on earth. Hearing the price of this wood will blow your thought. The price of just one kilogram of this wood is more than eight thousand pounds i.e. more than seven lakh rupees.

It is said that African blackwood trees are very few on the earth compared to other trees, that is, they are rare. This rare wood is found in 26 countries in Central and Southern Africa. The wood of African blackwood is mostly used in making musical instruments such as cabinets, flute and guitar. Apart from this, strong and durable furniture is also made from this wood, but they are quite expensive. So expensive that buying them is not just a matter of common people.

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