18 Nov 2020

Single Screen Theatres To Remain Shut In Pune

Recent reports have in coming in from Maharashtra where theatres effacing crisis as even after the reopening of theatres people because of the threat of covid-19 not interested in coming to theatres to see the movies.

Talking to  ANI, Dilip Borawake, owner of Laxminarayan Theatre. (17.11.2020) has said that Single-screen theatres will continue to remain shut in Pune despite the state govt's permission. 

"Owners of single-screen theatres feel that there is not much scope to reopen theatres as of now".

It is natural for people to not visit theatres these days due to COVID-19 fears. Even multiplexes are not getting satisfactory response. 

Hence, it is not economically viable for single-screen theatres to restart operations shares Dilip Borawake, owner of Laxminarayan Theatre in Pune.

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