18 Nov 2020

Tejaswi's Master Stroke May Push Nitish To Resign

In Bihar's Nitish government, the politics of Bihar has been hot since Mevalal Chaudhary was made the education minister. Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav has again targeted Nitish Kumar. 

Tejashwi has said that by making Mevalal Chaudhary the education minister, corruption is rewarded and there will be an increase in corruption in the state and this question is asked by Tejashwi.

Tejashwi Yadav wrote in a tweet that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has appointed Education Minister who have serious charges of corruption in building construction under IPC 409, 402, 467, 468, 471 and 120B against him. Now he will be given the reward of corruption and allows him to rob citizens in open. 

Allegations have been made on Mevalal Chaudhary and he is an accused and yet Mewalal Chaudhary has been made the Education Minister in the Nitish government. 

Regarding the matter, BJP leader Sanjay Jaswal said corruption should not be of any level in the new government of Bihar. BJP has now been trying to cover this matter.

The opposition says that the government will not expose such people as the government have given a place like Mewalaal Chaudhary in the cabinet.

And this has promoted the work of loot in Bihar by the JDU, or are they rewarding corruption?

Tejashwi has attacked Nitish Kumar in the case of Mevalal Chaudhary. Now, what effect it will have on Nitish Kumar and how JDU presents its explanation in the case and what the government responds to this question of Tejashwi will be seen lately. 

Does Nitish Kumar resign from the post of Chief Minister on the matter. Because Nitish Kumar has resigned many times in the past to shine his political career.

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