18 Nov 2020

Will Scindia Join Modi cabinet?

The BJP is very happy with the results of the recent by-elections in Madhya Pradesh and more than that, the Rajya Sabha MP Jyotiraditya Scindia and his supporters were  seen in the BJP after leaving the Congress. Why won't BJP be happy? 

The reason for this is simple. The way Scindia has shown the brilliance in maintaining the Shivraj government by making a dent in the vote bank of Congress. 

Due to this the Scindia's height in BJP has increased even more. Not only this, Scindia will now join the Modi cabinet, Scindia and his supporters are also very excited. A total of 28 seats were held in Madhya Pradesh, out of which BJP won 19 seats.

By winning the by-election, now the most important thing is whether Scindia will be included in the cabinet at the center. Because at the time when Scindia joined BJP, the news came that Scindia would be made Union Minister in return for Scindia and his supporters joining BJP. 

Since winning elections on 19 seats, its chances have increased significantly. Because there are two big reasons for Scindia joining the Modi cabinet, firstly, a big victory in the by-election and second there are many vacancies in the Modi cabinet.

 Since the demise of two ministers of Modi cabinet, other ministers are taking charge of them. The workload has also increased due to the extra charge held by most of Modi's ministers. Jyotiraditya Scindia can be assigned any charge to reduce this burden. It has been learned from sources that Jyotiraditya Scindia had met BJP President JP Nadda and Amit Shah recently. In which both leaders have talked about including Scindia in the Modi cabinet. Amit Shah has told Scindia that whenever PM Modi will expand his cabinet, he will be given the post of his respect. However official confirmation of Scindia joining the Modi cabinet is yet to come.

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