10 Nov 2020

Will BJP Crown Nitish As Chief Minister?

The trend of Bihar election has kept the exit polls coming before the results uncertain. If we look at the recent situation of Bihar, the BJP is emerging as the largest party. That means the NDA government is all set to be formed government in Bihar. 

According to the election results that are coming, till now JDU has been able to get 100 seats going into the account. The same is seen in the BJP's account with 133 seats. But in the meantime question arises that after the results,  will BJP crown Nitish Kumar with the Chief Minister's post.

Amid the results, BJP spokesperson Zafar Islam told ABP News that the BJP will win majority number of seats in Bihar and Bihar Chief Minister will be Nitish Kumar. Because the 2020 assembly elections have been fought under Nitish Kumar. 

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