10 Nov 2020

Election Commission Briefs Of 92 Lakhs Votes Counted So Far

Election Commission in a Press briefing to ANI has stated that around 4.10 crore votes were cast, 92 lakh votes counted so far. 

Earlier there used to be 25-26 rounds of counting, this time it went up to around 35 rounds. So the counting will continue till late evening.  

The press briefing was taken over by Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Bihar, HR Srinivas in Patna , Bihar.

He has also stated that in some Assembly Constituencies (ACs) there are fewer polling stations, counting will conclude in 24-25 rounds. 

But we also have some ACs, where there will be 50-51 rounds. On average, we'll have 30-35 rounds of counting per AC.

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