29 Dec 2020

Covid Kits Distributed In Jammu And Kashmir

Report happened coming in from Jammu and Kashmir where in our helpful jesture of Indian Army,  the Army has distributed mass sanitizer oximeter to the needy of the area.

As per reports coming in from  Jammu and Kashmir the local Police along with the security forces have distributed COVID 19 kits.

These kits were comprising of mask, pulse oximeter, digital thermometer and sanitiser, among the needy in Uri, yesterday. 

Covid-19 cases were on the rise in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and most of the people living there were deprived of these mask, pulse oximeter, digital thermometer and sanitizer as the people there are not in a position to afford these apparatus.

As reported earlier the cases of covid 19 were handled in the Union territories of Jammu and Kashmir by the security forces very efficiently along with the medical staff of the areas.

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