30 Dec 2020

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh Says There Is No Meaningful Outcome Of Talks Between India And China

Reports have been coming in from the Ministry of Defence where Defence Minister Rajnath Singh in an interview given to ANI has said that there is no meaningful outcome of talks with China on LAC standoff, status quo remains.

Talks between India and China have been underway but no success achieved yet. There'll be a next round of talks on military level which can take place anytime. 

But no meaningful outcome has come and there is status quo. I don't think status-quo is positive development.

If there is status quo, it is natural how deployment can be reduced.  There will be no reduction in our deployment and I feel their deployment will also not reduce. 

The Defence Minister Rajnath Singh  on Indo China standoff has said that our expectation is that talks result in a positive outcome.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on being asked about the expansionist goals of China has siad that that if a country is expansionist and tries to occupy our land, then India has the strength, capability and power to not let its land go into anyone's hand, whether it is any country of the world.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh to ANI, on being asked if this year's incident at the border was a result of possible collusion between China and Pak has says that India has a sharp focus. ‘Jo hume chedega hum usse chhorenge nahi’. We want to maintain peaceful relations with all nations.

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