9 Dec 2020

Did Chirag Took Naxalites Support In Elections

The attitude of Keshav Singh, who was expelled from the Lok Janshakti Party on charges of rebellion, is seen as stern. Keshav Singh, who claimed to have broken the party, has now made serious allegations against Chirag Paswan, which may increase Chirag Paswan's difficulty. Keshav Singh, along with registering an FIR against Chirag Paswan, also told him that he had links with the Naxalites.
 Everything is not going well in Chirag Paswan's party and the party is also on the verge of breaking up, says not Keshav Singh who was expelled from the party. After being out of LJP, Keshav Singh has now made serious allegations against Chirag Paswan. This time, he has filed a case against Chirag Paswan for threatening to kill him at a police station in Patna. In the FIR, he has severely accused Chirag Paswan of having links with the Naxalites. At the same time, the government has also requested to get it investigated. After seeing the way out of the party, Keshav Singh has opened a front against Chirag, which can increase Chirag's difficulty considerably. Keshav Singh says that a person named Amar Azad threatened Chirag Paswan at the behest of him. This threat was given to him to raise talk of democracy in LJP. After this, he has been expelled from the party and Chirag Paswan is involved in the entire incident.

 Keshav Singh has categorically accused Chirag Paswan of threatening to kill him. According to Keshav Singh, he will also inform the SSP and DGP of Patna about the entire matter, as well as send an application to the SP of Kishanganj by email. Keshav Singh has made more serious allegations against Chirag Paswan. He has said that Chirag Paswan had links with the Naxalites, Chirag Paswan met the Naxalites to win the assembly elections. The government should investigate this.

 Keshav Singh is accusing Chirag Paswan of meeting the Naxalites to win the election, on the other hand, the LJP has dismissed the allegations against Chirag Paswan and termed them baseless, Kallu Singh of LJP has said that Keshav Singh Media Chirag is accusing Paswan of wanting to get into headlines. Our party rejects the allegations leveled by Keshav Singh and we will file a defamation suit against him. The allegations of Keshav Singh have created panic among the LJP leaders, but one thing is clear that Chirag Paswan and the party are sure to rise due to the allegations of Keshav Singh.

 Chirag Paswan has not yet emerged due to a crushing defeat in the Bihar elections, Keshav Singh, who was expelled from the party, has opened a front against him, which can increase Chirag Paswan's difficulty. Because Keshav Singh has filed an FIR against Chirag and has told him the danger of life. At the same time, he has also said to contact the Naxalites during elections and has demanded an inquiry from the government. Keshav Singh's rebellion can cause a lot of problems for Chirag Paswan.

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